the ecosystem

Unique in Pomerol, the ecosystem at Château de Sales comprises a wood, a bamboo plantation and a park spanning over 42 hectares (104 acres).

Locally protected species like the lax-flowered orchid (Anacamptis laxiflora) have been identified in an environment highly conducive to the development of fauna and flora, as well as at least twenty species of bird, some of them quite remarkable, like the black kite, the European serin and the European greenfinch.

A dozen bat species have also been counted. At the top of the food chain, they eat moths and mosquitoes and help to control vine pests.

Beehives and wildflower strips

Awarded HVE High Environmental Value certification in 2020, Château de Sales has long taken an environmentally conscious approach to vinegrowing which includes integrating and encouraging biodiversity, banning chemical weedkiller and using the sexual confusion method to combat grapevine moth.

A mix of annual and biennial nectar-producing flowers has been sown in the small garden at Château de Sales, not far from the four beehives installed in 2021, in order to form an ecosystem for pollinating insects, including bees, and birds.

in the vineyard

Cover crops
Field beans have been sown in the rows of some parcels of the estate to improve the soil’s microbial life and fertility and protect it in winter.

Grass cover
In certain parts of the vineyard, permanent grass cover has been introduced in all rows or alternate rows to help the soil flourish and encourage auxiliary fauna.

Grape-stem compost
Compost made from the stems of Château de Sales grapes was used for the first time in 2021 to add organic matter to the soil, supplementing cattle manure (2/3 manure – 1/3 grape-stem compost).

On the drawing-board

The team at Château de Sales is working on an agroecology plan with three strands: agroforestry, cover crops and polyculture.

Embracing the entire estate, the plan aims to enhance biodiversity, increase soil fertility and ensure that the vineyard passed down to the next generation is in good health.