From vines to wine

The largest estate in the Pomerol appellation

Château de Sales is located in the north-west of the Pomerol appellation. With 47.6 hectares (117 acres) under vines out of the 90 hectares (222 acres) that make up the property, it is the largest vineyard in the Pomerol appellation. Except for three hectares (7 acres) lost during the French Revolution, the property limits are the same as in the 16th century.

The majority of vines are Merlot (73%) which, combined with Cabernet Sauvignon (15%) and Cabernet Franc (12%), finds its full expression in a terroir of gravel and heat-retaining sand which also contains iron oxide. On average, planting density is 5,900 vines per hectare.

Château de Sales, which has had HVE High Environmental Value certification since 2020, promotes virtuous vine-growing practices which incorporate and enhance biodiversity (no chemical weedkiller, sexual confusion against grape berry moths).

in the vineyard

The vines are grown in the traditional way: the soil is regularly ploughed, vineyard practices are environment-friendly, leaves are removed and clusters are thinned meticulously and the grapes are harvested by hand at optimum maturity for each parcel.

In the winery

The grapes are sorted on arrival at the winery, where they are carefully destemmed and lightly crushed then left to ferment in temperature-controlled concrete tanks. Alcoholic fermentation is followed by a period of maceration, for a total vatting time of around three weeks depending on the lots and grape varieties.

Tastings take place after malolactic fermentation in order to select the lots for the first wine, Château de Sales, and the second wine, Château Chantalouette.

Frédéric Laborde, Technical Manager

In the barrel hall

Château de Sales is matured for 12 months in oak barrels, 15-20% of which are renewed each year. Château Chantalouette is matured partly in oak barrels, partly in tanks. The wines are bottled at the Château about 18 months after the harvest.

Since 2017, in a quest for excellent quality, production methods have started to change under the guidance of the CEO, Vincent Montigaud (who worked for Baron Philippe de Rothschild for 23 years, including 16 years at the head of Domaine de Baronarques) and the Technical Manager, Frédéric Laborde. They are supported in their choices by Jean-Claude Berrouet, consultant winemaker, and Gilles Rey, vineyard consultant.

Vincent Montigaud, CEO

« Château de Sales has an extensive vineyard with remarkably consistent geological characteristics that give it a strong identity.

The winemaker humbly seeks to express those distinctive qualities so that the wine continues to be true to itself, telling its own story and bringing pleasure to winelovers. »

Jean-Claude Berrouet, consultant winemaker for château de sales