Blending tastings, the 2019 vintage is well on its way!

After the harvest, vinification and vat-house tasks, December and January are devoted to work on blending.

The birth of a new vintage is the result of many tastings and trial combinations. Their purpose is to select the batches which will make it into the final blend of the Grand Vin, Château de Sales, and the second label, Château Chantalouette, and to see how they behave together once blended.

CEO Vincent Montigaud, technical director Frédéric Laborde and our consultant winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet tasted around 30 different wines, each one corresponding to a particular parcel of our vineyard.

Blending is now in its final stages, with a new tasting on 12 February.

The 2019 vintage is highly promising!